A company built by technicians for technicians. UView designs, manufactures and delivers the most innovative and
functional products to the automotive repair industry. UView's products reflect our passion. Our success depends on keeping you in view.

UV Leak Detection Lights
Using the latest in UV technology, UView’s lights fluoresce UV dyes brighter for faster leak diagnosis and repair.

UV Dye Injection Systems
UView offers the most precise, robust, and user friendly dye injection systems available.

Leak Detection Kits
With the right dye and the right light, identifying a leak is a fast and simple exercise. UView Leak Detection Kits provide everything required to get started.

A/C ExtenDye™
AThe all new A/C dye from UView features QuietCool™ Technology to improve the performance and extend the life of the A/C system.

Oil Injection Kits
UView offers kits that combine the most precise, robust, and user friendly injection systems available with our industry leading A/C oils.

eBoost is a proprietary performance enhancing supplement developed by UView® to boost the performance of lubricants

Leak Guard™
A/C Sealer
Unlike other A/C sealants, LeakGuard is an oil based sealant that does not have any of the dangerous side effects

A/C Oils
Spotgun oil cartridges are available in a variety of viscosities, including a specially designed formula for use in hybrid vehicles.

MiST™ In Vehicle Air Quality
MiST™ treats the problem of mold, mildew and bacteria in a vehicle's ventilation system and passenger cabin surfaces.

From diagnosis to fluid exchanges, we’ve got your cooling system services covered.

All UView air conditioning dyes meet SAE J2297 Standard for R-134a PAG systems and the new 1234yf systems with PAG oil and are Hybrid safe.