The engineers at UView have developed the industry’s first performance metric, specifically designed for UV leak detection: the UV PoweRating™ Index. What the lumens index does for visible lighting, the UV PoweRating™ Index does for the UV spectrum by quantifying light output that most effectively fluoresces UV dyes.

Competitors use statistics like watts, lumens, lux, etc. to quantify UV light output. These statistics sound important and legitimate, but in truth are irrelevant, not applicable, and not able to quantify UV light output or measure real-world performance of a UV light. The UV PoweRating™ Index was designed specifically for UV leak detection.

By using the lumens index as a template, the UV PoweRating™ Index uses a scientific formula to accurately quantify output within the ideal UV spectrum.

 For more information on the UV PoweRating Index, click here to download the technical whitepaper.