The Problem:

Every year, 11 million vehicles have their A/C systems recharged, and an additional 5.7 million have their compressor  replaced in the United States alone. Why? All A/C systems leak. A low system charge causes poor oil circulation which leads to oil additive break down . Ultimately, the compressor fails due to continuous stress.

When the system is recharged, dye is often added to detect future leaks, but nothing is done to address the performance and longevity of the system and to reduce customer comebacks.

The Solution: 

Introducing A/C ExtenDye™
Several years of engineering went into creating an all new dye from UView. A/C ExtenDye™ has 4 unique new features:

  1. Super-concentrated UV dye detects leaks quickly, saving time and money. Use the same quantity of A/C ExtenDye™  per application as our Universal A/C dye
  2. Friction modifier increases lubricity (less friction) of the compressor oil, improving efficiency (friction coefficient) by over 50% and improving fuel economy.
  3. Anti-wear additive creates a film that prevents contact between metal parts ; reducing friction and heat, thereby extending component life.  Effectively quiets noisy compressors.
  4. Antioxidant stops the oxidation process,  reduces acidity and prolongs oil life.

When combined, we refer to this exciting new additive package as QuietCool™ Technology

A/C ExtenDye™ features the same fluorescence as our existing Universal A/C Dye per application. A/C ExtenDye™ is SAE J2297 certified for use in R-134a and R-1234yf systems, hybrid safe, and is solvent free.