A/C Oil Injection Kits

The world's most popular and professional injection method! A/C oil injection kits are designed to provide easy, accurate, and contamination free oil injection for A/C systems. SAE standards for AC equipment in North America prohibit the use of onboard injection (meaning oil must be added separately). This is the easiest and most efficient way to add A/C oil separately.

Spotgun™ Oil Injection Kit

Spotgun™ Oil Injection Kit

Ref: 481500

Spotgun™ Oil Injection Kit

The world’s most popular and professional injection method.  Pull the trigger to inject a precise amount of oil into the A/C system and you’re done. Allows for compliance with J2788 Standard (separate oil injection).


  • Spotgun™ injector with R-12 and R-134a adapters.
  • PAG 46 oil cartridge (8 oz./240 ml)
  • All new box with fitted insert
  • Excellent for use with SAE certified A/C equipment

Lifetime warranty on every injection gun.

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