We found many shops use poor quality dyes with ineffective blue lights. That’s when we challenged our engineers to create the ultimate leak detection solutions. In efforts to accurately quantify the performance of UV lights, we have developed the all new UV PoweRating™ Index. Find out more here!

See the difference.

Competitors use blue LED lights. making it hard to spot problems.

UView lights use True UV. This makes dyes fluoresce brighter than blue LED lights.

UV Phazer Black (AAA Batteries)

UV Phazer Black (AAA Batteries)

Ref: 413075

UV PoweRating 810

Extreme Performance. Outstanding Value.

UView has raised the UV leak detection bar once again with it’s all new cordless UV lights. Incorporating key features from the flagship NEO light, the UV Phazer Black series offer many new and unique features and benefits, including:

  • A powerful True UV LED fluoresces up to 11X brighter than before, making for fast leak detection.
  • An ideal 400nm wavelength fluoresces dyes brighter and provides more contrast than blue light, making leaks easier to identify.
  • An adjustable lens focus allows technicians to do a quick scan for larger leaks or concentrate the light beam for hard to find small leaks. Technicians will find leaks faster.
  • A compact, aluminum housing allows for access into tight spaces and stands up to years of heavy use.
  • The AAA version is cost effective yet powerful, with 2 hours of output.
  • A smart charger protects the battery from overcharging and extends battery life, for years of trouble free use.

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