We found many shops use poor quality dyes with ineffective blue lights. That’s when we challenged our engineers to create the ultimate leak detection solutions. In efforts to accurately quantify the performance of UV lights, we have developed the all new UV PoweRating™ Index. Find out more here!

See the difference.

Competitors use blue LED lights. making it hard to spot problems.

UView lights use True UV. This makes dyes fluoresce brighter than blue LED lights.

UV Phazer NEO UV Leak Detection Light

UV Phazer NEO UV Leak Detection Light

Ref: 413025

High Output UV LED
True UV: Fluoresces dyes brighter than blue LED lights
Constant Current Technology: Maintains steady power output throughout charge
Adjustable Lens Focus: Allows for focusing light intensity
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: Years of trouble free battery life
Compact Design: Perfect for use in tight areas
Durable Aluminum Construction


  • UV Phazer NEO
  • UV enhancing glasses.
  • Battery Charger



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